Charlie Walker

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About Charlie Walker:

  • Charlie Walker is a British adventurer, writer, and public speaker.
  • Specializes in long-distance, human-powered expeditions.
  • Travels by bicycle, foot, horse, and dugout canoe.
  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
  • Four-time recipient of the Transglobe Expedition Trust ‘Mad but Marvellous’ grant.
  • His work has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Wanderlust, Geographical, Travel Africa, Sidetracked magazine, BBC Radio 4, and the World Service.
  • Author of two books about his experiences.

Major Expeditions:

  • 43,000-mile Bicycle Journey: Traversed 60 countries, reaching the furthest capes in Europe, Asia, and Africa over four and a half years.
  • 2022 Arctic Expedition: Two months trekking along frozen rivers and Arctic sea ice in northeast Russia, visiting remote indigenous Siberian groups.
  • 2017 Triathlon: Completed a 5,200-mile triathlon along the perceived Europe-Asia border, from the Russian Arctic to Istanbul.
  • 2019 Papua New Guinea Traverse: Crossed Papua New Guinea by foot and paddle, visiting remote jungle communities.
  • 2014 Congo River Descent: Descended the Lulua River in a dugout canoe, facing rapids, waterfalls, hippos, and crocodiles.
  • 2012 Gobi Desert Walk: Walked 1,000 miles solo across the Gobi Desert from China to Mongolia, then trekked 600 miles across Mongolia with a semi-feral pony and a stray dog.

Charlie Walker’s Adventures:

  • Bicycle Journey: Encountered extremes of weather, remoteness, and physical exhaustion.
  • Arctic Expedition: Camped in temperatures as low as -50ºC, culminated in a four-week prison stint on spurious charges during heightened political tension.
  • Triathlon: Spanned from midwinter snowfields of the Russian Arctic to the Bosphorus in Istanbul, investigating the concept of man-made borders.
  • Papua New Guinea Traverse: Explored some of the world’s least accessible jungle communities.
  • Congo River Descent: Journey through uncharted DRC territory, plagued by health issues like malaria and typhoid fever.
  • Gobi Desert Walk: Endured walking over six marathons a week for six weeks, carrying necessary supplies for survival.

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