Through Sand & Snow

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A Man, a Bicycle, and a 43,000-mile Journey to Adulthood via the Ends of the Earth

About the Book:


At the age of twenty-two, Charlie Walker embarked on an extraordinary adventure. Leaving behind the comfort and monotony of everyday life, he set out on a secondhand bicycle with a simple goal: to pedal to the furthest points in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Without extensive training or planning, he began a journey that would challenge him in every conceivable way.

Through Sand & Snow chronicles Charlie’s 43,000-mile expedition, which spanned four and a half years and traversed 60 countries. He faced harsh winters on the Tibetan plateau, the dense jungles of Southeast Asia, and many unforeseen challenges that tested his resilience and determination. This memoir is a tale of self-discovery, pushing physical and mental boundaries, and embracing the unknown.

Key Themes:

  • Adventure and Exploration: Encounters with diverse landscapes and extreme weather conditions.
  • Personal Growth: The journey as a means to escape complacency and find purpose.
  • Resilience and Endurance: Overcoming physical exhaustion and unforeseen challenges.

About the Author:

Charlie Walker is a British adventurer and writer known for his long-distance, human-powered expeditions. He has traveled over 50,000 miles by bicycle, ski, foot, horse, kayak, and dugout canoe. His longest expedition involved a 43,000-mile bicycle journey reaching the furthest points in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Charlie has also undertaken other significant adventures, including traversing Papua New Guinea, completing a triathlon along the Europe-Asia border, descending the Congo River, and walking solo across the Gobi Desert.

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