Ness Knight

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About Ness Knight:

  • Ness Knight is an explorer, conservationist, and survivalist known for her diverse expeditions in extreme environments across the globe.
  • Grew up in Africa, developing a strong bond with its rich culture and wildlife, which drives her conservation efforts today.

Major Expeditions:

  • Essquibo River Descent (2018): Successfully completed a world-first ‘source to sea’ descent of the Essquibo River in Guyana, the third largest river in South America. The expedition involved an international collaboration with the indigenous Wai Wai tribe to locate and document the river’s source.
  • Namib Desert Solo Expedition (2016): Traversed the inhospitable lands of the Northern Namib Desert solo, exploring the extraordinary people and wildlife. The expedition was documented by Red Bull Media House and showcased Ness’s journey from arid wilderness into lion and elephant territory.

Key Experiences:

  • Trained with remote indigenous peoples like the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and WaiWai warriors in the South American jungle, learning ancient survival skills.
  • Wild camped, sourced water from natural waterholes, and immersed herself in ancient landscapes.

Passion and Focus:

  • Ness Knight’s passion lies in storytelling, uncovering spectacular wildlife, and cultures surviving and thriving in extraordinary locations around the planet.
  • Dedicated to working with people, nature, and conservation efforts.

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