Sharing Adventure Stories

The Adventure Diaries Podcast invites you into a world of incredible conversations with truly remarkable adventurers, explorers, conservationists, content creators and those curious about our natural world.

From stories of micro adventurers to grand polar explorations, extreme world firsts, record breaking athletes and front line conservationists.

We also hope to encourage you to support our communities, conservation efforts, and care for all that inhabit our planet (via a Pay It Forward suggestion in every episode)

Every Adventure Diaries Podcast Episode

Promises 3 Things…

1. Unique Adventure Story

Inspiring Story - Adventure Diaries Podcast

Our guests re tell interesting stories of adventures, expeditions, exploration, our natural world, and feats of endurance.

These will motivate & inspire you, to have adventures big and small.

2. Call To Adventure

Our mission is to not only tell stories but to inspire and motivate you to go have your own adventures.

Listen carefully as each guest gives you their suggested Call To Adventure.

2. Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward - Adventure Diaries Podcast

Arguably most important part of our mission is to pay it forward.

Each episode our guests raise awareness for good cause’s, and charitable projects.