Ben Weber

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**Early Life and Inspiration:**
– Born in Orkney Islands, Scotland
– Lived in Brazil, China, and India
– Childhood heroes: Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton
– Had never skied until 2014
– Rarely camped since childhood

**Expedition Planning:**
– Discontent with consultancy job led to planning
– Goal: circumnavigate the world via South Pole and North Pole
– Training included polar survival and other expeditions
– Key challenge: securing sponsorship
– Focus on challenging polar and other journeys

**Impact and Fundraising:**
– Ben and Natalia went separate ways
– Ben aims for expeditions to have greater impact
– Fundraising for Cancer Research UK
– Moved back to Scotland for training and expeditions
– Solo expedition to South Pole planned for 2022

**Current Endeavors:**
– Trained for Greenland Expedition in May 2022
– Preparation for solo South Pole expedition in 2022
– Social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
– Contact email: [email protected]
– Shares updates on Twitter and Facebook

**Future Goals:**
– Continued pursuit of dreams
– Focus on impactful expeditions
– Raised in Brazil and India, now in Scotland
– Upcoming solo South Pole expedition
– Plans to raise funds for Cancer Research UK

Ben Weber official website South Pole 2022 – Polar Weber

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