Tahir Shah

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**Background and Family**:
– Born into the saadat of Paghman, Afghanistan
– Ancestral titles from British Raj during the Great Game
– Mother of Zoroastrian Parsi descent, father an Indian Sufi teacher
– Grandfathers were respected literary figures
– Descended from Afghan warlord Jan Fishan Khan
– Born in London, raised in Kent
– Family lived in Langton House, once owned by Lord Baden-Powell

**Education and Writing**:
– Attended Rose Hill Preparatory School and Bryanston School
– Learned to fly at 17 and obtained FAA Private Pilots License
– Studied African dictatorships at university
– Prolific author of books, documentaries, and academic articles
– Notable works include ‘Trail of Feathers’ and ‘In Arabian Nights’
– Co-wrote IMAX film ‘Journey to Mecca’

**Documentaries and Influences**:
– Presented documentaries on National Geographic TV and other channels
– Themes of quests and exploration in his documentaries
– Documentaries include ‘The Search for King Solomon’s Mines’
– Influenced by Doris Lessing and aunt Amina Shah
– Fascinated by works of Bruce Chatwin and classic explorers
– Close friendship with explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger

**Personal Life and Advocacy**:
– Moved to Morocco in 2003 with wife and children
– Resided in a haunted mansion in Casablanca, inspiring ‘The Caliph’s House’
– Advocates for cultural bridge between East and West
– Established the Qantara Foundation to promote the East-West connection
– Lectures on the legacy of science in medieval Islam

**Literary Engagements and Media Appearances**:
– Speaker at the Wigtown Book Festival 2012
– Involved in the Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival
– Featured in ‘One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers’ (1970)
– Co-writer credit on IMDB for ‘Journey to Mecca’
– Authored travel guides for Morocco and India

Tahir Shah (Wikipedia)

Tahir Shah (Persian: طاهر شاه, Gujarati: તાહિર શાહ; Sayyid Tahir al-Hashimi (Arabic: سيد طاهر الهاشمي); born 16 November 1966) is a British author, journalist and documentary maker of Afghan-Indian descent.

Tahir Shah
Tahir Shah in 2021
Tahir Shah in 2021
Born (1966-11-16) 16 November 1966 (age 57)
London, England, United Kingdom
OccupationWriter, documentary maker
SubjectTravel, exploration, Arab World, cross-cultural studies
RelativesShah family
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