Dar Khalifa

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– History:
– Casablanca is a North African city with a Spanish name.
– Dar Khalifa may be the original white house that gave Casablanca its name.
– The white house on the coast was a landmark for mariners pinpointing Anfa.
– After Anfa was rebuilt, the white house became the preferred name for the city.
– The property’s name, The Caliphs House, suggests its age dates back to at least the thirteenth century.

– Current Occupation:
– Dar Khalifa was purchased by Tahir Shah in 2003 and renovated.
– The property was in the middle of a shanty town and had been unoccupied for ten years.
– Shah hired exorcists to cleanse the house due to locals’ beliefs in haunting by jinns.
– The shanty town was cleared between 2014 and 2021, with Dar Khalifa now surrounded by upscale apartment buildings.
– Shah’s life at Dar Khalifa is detailed in his books, including “The Caliphs House” and “In Arabian Nights.”

– Headquarters for The Scheherazade Foundation:
– Dar Khalifa is being renovated to serve as the headquarters for The Scheherazade Foundation.
– Artisans and craftsmen from across Morocco are working on intricate designs for the headquarters.

Storytelling and Teaching Stories:
Tahir Shah, from a family of storytellers, has studied traditional teaching stories for years.
– Teaching stories are seen as containing deeper meanings, likened to a nutritious experience.
– The Scheherazade Foundation aims to publish traditional tales and host a storytelling festival at Dar Khalifa.

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– References:
– Articles from sources like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Morocco World News provide further insights into Dar Khalifa’s history and current state.

Dar Khalifa (Wikipedia)

Dar Khalifa (Arabic: دار خليفة), or The Caliph's House, is a large, historical landmark and private home in walled grounds. It is located in Ain Diab, an affluent suburb of Casablanca that was also host to a sprawling shanty town until the area was redeveloped. Constructed in a traditional Moroccan style, with numerous "riads", or garden courtyards, the property extends to some 5000 square metres, and is situated on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic shore. As its name suggests, the mansion was once owned by a wealthy Khalif or ruler.

The Caliph's House
Dar Khalifa (Arabic)
General information
TypeLarge historical private home in walled grounds
Architectural styleMoroccan
LocationAin Diab (suburb)
Town or cityCasablanca
Coordinates33°34′53″N 7°40′55″W / 33.5815°N 7.6819°W / 33.5815; -7.6819 (Ain Diab, Casablanca)
Current tenantsTahir Shah

It is now home to the author Tahir Shah who is renovating the property, and it will become the headquarters of the educational and cultural non-profit organisation, The Scheherazade Foundation.

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