Chris Christensen

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– **About Amateur Traveler:**
– The Amateur Traveler podcast and blog are created by Chris Christensen.

– **Why Trust Amateur Traveler:**
– Chris Christensen has been a travel blogger and podcaster since 2005.
– He has won awards from SATW and NATJA.
– Named Best Independent Travel Journalist by Travel+Leisure Magazine in 2014.

– **More About Amateur Traveler:**
– Working with Amateur Traveler.
– Amateur Traveler Media Kit.
– How to Pitch an Episode for the Podcast.
– Guest Post Guidelines for the Blog.
– The Amateur Traveler Manifesto.

– **More About Chris Christensen:**
– Countries Visited by Chris.
– Chris’s Travel Bucket List.
– UNESCO Sites Visited by Chris.

– **Amateur Traveler History:**
– First podcast episode released in July 2005.
– Expanded into a full blog in April 2007.

– **Target Audience for Blog:**
– Content for travel planning.
– Information for beginners and experienced travelers.
– Articles on travel tips, saving money, and destination guides.

– **Target Audience for Podcast:**
– Intended for North American travelers with limited vacation time.
– Features interviews with destination experts and travelers.
– Motivates people to travel.

– **Reason for Creating the Podcast:**
– Chris’s love for podcasts led to the creation of his own.
Travel stories shared during a BBQ sparked the idea.

– **Chris’s Background:**
– Previous role as EVP of Engineering and Operations.
– Current role as Director of Engineering at American Express.
– Childhood experiences of traveling to national parks.
– Interest in learning languages.

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