Antarctica Adventure: A Life-Altering Expedition with Ben Weber

Ben Weber Podcast


In episode 12 of Adventure Diaries Podcast, hosted by Chris Watson, we discuss polar expeditions with none other than Ben Weber aka PolarWeber.

Ben Weber story is an incredible narrative of transformation, adventure, and the sheer will to transcend the mundane for something spectacularly extreme.

From the bustling streets of São Paulo to the icy expanses of Antarctica, Ben’s story is not just about travel; it’s about redefining existence.

Ben Weber Is Guest on Adventure Diaries Podcast Episode 12
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The Catalyst for Change

It all started in 2014, amidst the humdrum of corporate life in São Paulo, when Ben realized that his youthful dreams of adventure were being smothered by routine. This realization spurred him to embark on a life-altering path that would see him cycling across continents and tackling some of the most daunting polar landscapes on the planet.

Training Wheels to Training Skis

Ben’s adventure journey kicked off with a grueling 3,600-kilometer cycle from São Paulo to Santiago, traversing the diverse terrains and climates of South America. But cycling was just the beginning. With no prior experience in skiing, Ben and his then-wife plunged into polar training, learning the ropes of survival in bone-chilling conditions. Their training was practical and intense, covering everything from setting up tents in storms to swimming in Arctic waters — essential skills for their subsequent expeditions across the polar regions.

Canadian Crossings and Beyond

After their rigorous training, Ben’s thirst for challenges led him to an audacious expedition across Canada—from the southern borders near Winnipeg all the way to the northern icy outreaches of Hudson Bay. This expedition was not just a test of physical endurance but also of mental grit, as Ben recounted the extreme temperatures that dipped below -50°C. These expeditions served as a prelude to his ultimate challenge—the Antarctic.

Antarctica: The Pinnacle of Polar Expeditions

Ben’s narrative reaches a peak as he describes his journey to Antarctica, a dream painted against the backdrop of his childhood heroes like Shackleton and Scott. This solo expedition to the South Pole was marked by relentless preparation, self-financing, and the stark beauty of the Antarctic wilderness. Ben’s recount of the Antarctic expanse is vivid—his struggles, the surreal stillness, and the unexpected companionship of an albatross far from any coastline, offering a poignant reminder of the solitude that envelops one at the end of the world.

Reflections and Revelations

Throughout the podcast, Ben shares more than just tales of survival and adventure. He delves into personal reflections, discussing the impact of his journeys on his life, the dissolution of his marriage, and the eventual rekindling of his core motivations following personal loss. These expeditions were not merely physical challenges but journeys of inner discovery and transformation

Episode Takeaways

  • Embarking on a solo expedition to the South Pole requires determination and self-belief.
  • Support and advice from experienced adventurers can be invaluable in preparing for such a journey.
  • Raising funds for a worthy cause, such as cancer research, can add meaning and purpose to an expedition.
  • Starting with smaller adventures and gradually pushing oneself out of the comfort zone can build confidence and experience.
  • The beauty and stillness of Antarctica can be awe-inspiring, despite the challenging conditions.
  • Reflecting on the journey and valuing the support of friends and family can bring a deeper appreciation for life.
  • Future expeditions, such as a crossing of Antarctica, are on the horizon for Ben Weber.

Call To Adventure

  • “Pick your bike, pick a season and cycle to the next city.”Ben Weber’s Call To Adventure suggestion for listeners to get inspired and start their own adventures, no matter how small.

Pay It Forward

  • Support for Cancer Research
  • Ben’s philanthropic efforts included raising about £5,000 pounds for cancer research in memory of his mother, advocating for more support for cancer treatment and research


Chris Watson’s engaging dialogue with Ben Weber not only illuminates the thrilling aspects of polar expeditions but also underscores the profound personal growth that comes from stepping far outside one’s comfort zone.

This episode of The Adventure Diaries is a compelling invitation to explore the vast, icy realms of our planet and the equally uncharted territories of our own potential.

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