Jan Bakker

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Jan Bakker Expedition Guide
– Author of the book “Trekking in Tajikistan” and “Tajikistan and the High Pamirs”

  • Trekking Guide
  • Explorer
  • Expedition Guide

– Develop Pamir Trail as a world-class long-distance hiking route in Tajikistan
– Enhance economic opportunities for local mountain communities and Tajik tourism sector
– Contribute to preservation of Tajik mountains and culture
– Increase knowledge and understanding about Tajikistan
– Boost rural economy throughout the country

Importance of Pamir Trail:
– Famous trekking destinations like Everest Base Camp and Kilimanjaro attract many visitors
– Tajikistan, a mountainous country, remains relatively unknown for tourism
– Slow travel trend promotes walking as an authentic way to experience a place
– Long-distance hiking trails like the Great Himalaya Trail have economic benefits
– Pamir Trail could create rural tourist jobs and boost local economy

The Pamir Trail Team:
– Jan Bakker – Initiator and Chief Trail Officer
– Logistics Support
–  Explorer
– Collaborations with organizations like Archa Foundation

Partners and Sponsors:
– Archa Foundation focuses on rural tourism development in Tajikistan
– Projects and partnerships in various locations like the Fann Mountains
– Support from local NGO Central Asian Partnership
– Seeking partnerships for the Pamir Trail project
– Opportunity for organizations to contribute to sustainable stewardship

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