Dr Niall McCann

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Expeditions Far and Wide:
– Participated in rock climbing, big-walling, and mountaineering expeditions
– Cycled over the Himalayas twice
– Completed three major Arctic expeditions, including skiing across Greenland
– Rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in 63 days
– Spent over two years on jungle expeditions in Latin America, Asia, and Africa

The Conservation Frontline:
– Director of Conservation at National Park Rescue
– Works to prevent the slaughter of elephants, rhinos, and lions in sub-Saharan Africa
– Trustee of the Wallacea Trust, funding projects empowering communities in developing nations
– Dedicated career to stopping the destruction of natural heritage
– Engaged in conservation efforts in Africa, Asia, and Latin America since 2012

Highly Experienced Speaker:
– Delivers high-energy presentations on various topics worldwide
– Offers tailored talks for schools, universities, societies, and businesses
– Keynote speaker for high-profile organizations
– Represented by Speakers from the Edge and Wolfman Productions
– Received positive testimonials for inspirational and moving speeches

Dr. Niall McCann Speaking at TEDxCardiff

– Collaborated with Sir David Attenborough on “A Perfect Planet”
– Presented “Lost in the Amazon: The Enigma of Colonel Percy Fawcett”
– Hosted three seasons of the award-winning series “Biggest and Baddest”
– Available for presenting, narration, and interview opportunities
– Media coverage and enquiries for presenting work

Contact Niall:
– Book Niall for speaking engagements at schools or events
– Limited internet access due to fieldwork
– Contact for speaking engagements in the UK and USA
– Niall’s website – Niall’s website (niallmccann.com)

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