Sean Conway

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**1. Personal Life and Career:**
– Born April 6, 1981, in Harare, Zimbabwe.
– Attended Hilton College in South Africa.
– Resided in Cheltenham before moving to the Lake District in 2016.
– Moved to Wales in 2020 with wife Caroline and two sons.
– Earns a living as an adventurer, author, and public speaker.

**2. Swimming Achievements:**
– Completed a 900-mile swim from Lands End to John o Groats in 135 days.
– Raised money for charity War Child during the swim.
– First person to swim the length of Britain, spending 90 days in the water.
– Used a thick beard to prevent jellyfish stings.

**3. Triathlon and Cycling Feats:**
– Completed the world’s longest triathlon of 4,200 miles.
– Broke the record for the fastest unsupported crossing of Europe by bicycle.
– Cycled around the world in 2012.
– Set a world record for the most Ironman Triathlons completed in a row (105 in 105 days).

**4. Running Accomplishments:**
– Ran the length of Britain in 44 days.
– Ran across Iceland in 10 days.
– Completed 15 marathons in 15 days in UK national parks.
– Ran 280 miles from Conwy Castle to Castle Conway.

**5. Media Presence and Publications:**
– Featured in documentaries like ‘Running Across Iceland’ and TV series ‘Running Britain.’
– Authored books like ‘Tempura’s Treasure’ and ‘Hell and High Water.’
– Engages with followers on social media platforms like Instagram.
– Collaborates with brands and sponsors for his expeditions.
– Published works include ‘Lands End to John O’Groats’ series.

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