Sean Conway 105 Consecutive Ironman’s & 3 World First Epic Expeditions

Sean Conway Podcast


In this podcast conversation, Chris Watson sits down with Sean Conway.

Sean Conway is an ultra-endurance adventurer who has achieved remarkable feats such as swimming the length of Great Britain and setting world records for cycling and including a 105 triathlons back to back.

He discusses his passion for endurance challenges and the mindset required to take on these extreme adventures.

Sean Conway Is Guest on Adventure Diaries Podcast Episode 5
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Sean emphasizes the importance of the 10 pillars of endurance, which include planning, experience, fitness, health, nutrition, hydration, sleep, muscle management, motivation, and community.

He also shares insights into his recovery process and the role of his support team in his success.
In this conversation, Sean Conway reflects on his 105-day endurance challenge of completing 105 triathlons.

He discusses his approach to pacing and nutrition, emphasizing the importance of staying consistent and fueling properly.

Sean also highlights the role of his support team in monitoring his performance and making adjustments.

He shares his most notable reflection point, receiving a letter from Prince William, and expresses his passion for youth sports and encouraging children to get involved.

Sean recommends planning a week-long challenge and emphasizes the community aspect of his adventure.
He also mentions his future plans for shorter events and mentoring a female athlete to break the record.

Episode Takeaways

  • Endurance challenges require more than just fitness; the 10 pillars of endurance, including planning, experience, and motivation, play a crucial role.
  • Recovery and rest are essential for long-term endurance; sleep and muscle management are key pillars of endurance.
  • Having a supportive team can greatly enhance the chances of success in endurance challenges.
  • Sean’s Conway’s mindset is driven by a hunger for big, scary goals and a willingness to fail.
  • Conway’s African childhood and upbringing in Zimbabwe may have contributed to his adventurous spirit.
  • He believes in testing different strategies and making adjustments to optimize performance during endurance challenges.
  • Nutrition is a critical aspect of endurance challenges, with a focus on consuming enough calories to sustain energy levels.
  • Setting time targets and goals can help maintain motivation and track progress during long-term endurance challenges. Consistency and proper fueling are key to endurance performance.
  • Having a supportive team can make a significant difference in achieving goals.
  • Reflecting on accomplishments and receiving recognition can be rewarding.
  • Encouraging children to participate in sports can have a positive impact on their lives.
  • Planning and completing a week-long challenge can provide valuable personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Building a community around an adventure can enhance the experience and create lasting connections.

Call To Adventure

Sean Conway: “I am a big fan of multi-day stuff and I think everyone needs to plan a week long challenge in their life.

Whether it’s running, walking, cycling, just choose something that takes about a week and you’re self-supported, I think that would be what I would suggest, and go and do it. Whether it’s hiking a

the West Highland Way, which you know, that’s a bit shorter than a week to be fair or cycling lands and John O’Groats you could do that in a week just I don’t know just Plan something that takes longer than day and take some holiday off .

I think you’ll really discover a lot about yourself and I think That will pay dividends across all aspects of your life, you know Not just doing a marathon, you know do something that takes a multi-day thing. I’m a big fan of that.

So yeah go and do something that takes a week long everyone.”

Pay It Forward

I’m really passionate about youth sport. So, you know, if you know kids, your kids, other people’s kids.

You know, try and encourage them to get into sport, you know, in North Wales or it might be Wales in general, only 39% of kids do sport outside of school.

You know, that should be 70%.

It really should be 100%. But of course, that’s unrealistic. But, you know, we need to be.

trying to encourage and give kids the opportunities and the mentorship to be able to do sport outside of school regularly.

So yeah, I’m raising money for the True Venture Foundation, which is North Wales based.

So if you’re outside of North Wales, it doesn’t really affect you or your or kids you might know. But that doesn’t matter. Just get out there and

you know, try and encourage your cousins and your nieces and your nephews to do some sports somehow, whether it’s hiking, swimming, cycling, running, you know, there’s a million clubs out there that they could join and yeah, just really passionate about trying to get kids into sports.

So yeah, if anyone’s listening, please, any kids, you know, friends, neighbors, relatives, your own kids, please just, it’s so important.

We get kids active and into sport. Just, you know, change the world if more kids did sport.

I was lucky I did sport, but I stopped sport after school as well. So I’m sort of part of the casualty of that scenario. As soon as I lost all my facilities at school, I just didn’t do it.

And I had no one to mentor or guide me or inspire me to carry on doing sport in my 20s. That’s why I did nothing.

And yeah, so that’d be my pay-forward.

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