Youth Expeditions

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**Program Overview and Impact**
– Youth Expedition program offers experiences in remote locations
Youth Ambassadors use technology to connect with students globally
– Participants learn to push beyond their limits
– i2P creates adventures in socially and environmentally sensitive regions
– i2P subsidizes all costs for Youth Ambassadors on expeditions
– Expeditions inspire and lead peers to have positive impacts
Youth Ambassadors educate, inspire, and empower students globally
– i2P aims to create credible ambassadors for the global community

**Expedition Locations**
– Death Valley, CA: 12th stage of i2P World Expedition Series
– Greece: 11th stage with a marathon per day for 7 days
– Lost Coast, CA: 10th stage in a remote and rugged setting
Atacama Desert, Chile: Explored origins of the universe
– Peru: Bio-diverse route from Andes to Amazon jungle
– Canada: 13-day cross-country tour for Canada’s 150th birthday
– Utah: Studied Earth Science and Rise of Dinosaurs
– Africa: Explored regions in Botswana on a running journey
– India: Ran through the Thar Desert, known for its inhospitable nature
– Bolivia: Ran across the world’s largest salt flats for the International Year of Chemistry

**Educational Themes**
– Death Valley: Focus on history, mystery, and geography
– Greece: Tested perseverance, resiliency, and dedication
– Lost Coast: Tested mental and physical limits
– Atacama: Explored the origins of the universe
– Peru: Explored rich gradients of ecosystems
– Educational topics include water, health care, and the future of health care

**Specific Expedition Highlights**
– Bolivia:
– Features lush tropical basin feeding Amazon River
– Salar de Uyuni: world’s largest salt flats
– Home to 10 billion tons of salt
– Contains over half of the world’s lithium reserves
Youth Ambassadors ran 201 km across salt flats
– Amazon Expedition 2010:
– Most involved expedition and learning program
– Offered a unique experience to a mystical place
– Honored to include students and supporters
– Resulted in fascinating experiences
– Journey documented in videos and website
– Tunisia Expedition 2010:
– Four Youth Ambassadors ran 260+ km in 7 days
– Crossed Sahara region with searing heat and sand dunes
– Pushed physical and mental limits
– Joined by i2P Ambassadors and Adventurers
– Journey captured in videos and website
Baffin Island Expedition 2009:
– Five Youth Ambassadors hiked in Canada’s Arctic
– Experienced glaciers, polar ice, and granite mountains
– Pushed physical and mental limits
– Selected from applicants across North America
Adventure documented on the website

**Experiential Learning Program**
– Conducted live experiments during expeditions
– Engaged with students worldwide
– Led by Dr. George Agnes and Dr. Greg Wells
– Offered unique educational experiences
– Combined adventure with learning opportunities

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