What Doesnt Suck? Adventure Travel Video Guides

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Adventure Travel Video Guides:
– “48 Hours in…” series has 18 episodes.
– Episodes have garnered over 13 million views.
– Explored destinations include Tajikistan, Iceland, and Jordan.
– Offers a unique way to experience a city in a weekend.
– New episodes are in the pipeline.

Current Travel Video Projects:
– Recently relocated to Amsterdam after 200+ days of travel.
– Upcoming episodes to feature Nepal, Europe, and more.
– Continuously publishing adventure travel video episodes, guides, and articles.
– Open to collaborations and projects.
– Encourages engagement for campaign ideas.

Adventure Travel Tips & Tricks:
– Aims to share learned travel lessons and mistakes.
– Provides valuable travel tips and tricks.
– Seeks to pass on knowledge gained from experiences.
– Helps travelers avoid common pitfalls.
– Supports the community with useful advice.

Where are we now?:
– Currently based in Amsterdam.
– Engaged in editing exciting upcoming videos.
– Planning new adventures.
– Eager to share upcoming content.
– Emphasizes a focus on video production and travel planning.

Work With Us:
– Dedicated to creating unique and informative adventure travel content.
– Collaborates with brands and clients to showcase destinations.
– Offers opportunities for adventure travel campaigns.
– Encourages partnerships for creative projects.
– Welcomes inquiries for potential collaborations.

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