Youth Ambassadors

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**Youth Ambassador Expeditions**:
– Share Canada Tour 2017, Expedition Death Valley 2016, Expedition Greece 2015, Expedition Lost Coast 2014, Expedition Atacama 2014, Amazon Expedition 2010, Running Tunisia 2010, Baffin Island 2009.
– Youth Ambassadors engaged in expeditions that tested physical and mental limits.
– Educational programs offered to schools during expeditions.
– Participants from different expeditions listed.
– Focus on promoting perseverance, dedication, and personal growth.

**Youth Ambassador Selection and Engagement**:
– Youth Ambassadors selected from applicants across North America.
– Embarked on adventures with i2P exploring challenging terrains.
– Promoted experiential learning and personal development.
– Participants engaged in extreme geography, history, and unique features.
– Aimed to educate, inspire, and empower students during expeditions.

**Expedition Details**:
– Various expeditions like Share Canada Tour, Expedition Death Valley, Expedition Greece, etc.
– Locations ranged from Canada, USA, Greece, Chile to Tunisia.
– Youth Ambassadors ran marathons, explored deserts, and hiked in extreme environments.
– Emphasis on testing perseverance, dedication, and pushing mental and physical limits.
– Celebrated milestones like Canada’s 150th birthday and explored mystical places.

**Youth Ambassador Participants**:
– Participants listed from different expeditions like Sierra Smith, Isaiah Gilson, etc.
– Covered distances ranging from 260+ km to running a marathon per day.
– Engaged in journeys across challenging terrains like deserts, mountains, and glaciers.
– Pushed physical and mental limits while promoting personal growth.
– Website links provided for each expedition for further information.

**Website Information**:
– Website sections include expeditions, education, and ways to get involved.
– Visitors can access blogs, information about Youth Ambassadors, and contact details.
– Developed by Code Syncro to provide a platform for learning about i2P initiatives.
– Offers opportunities for individuals to engage, support, and learn about i2P expeditions.
– Platform to showcase the impact of expeditions on education and personal development.

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