Outdoor Alliance

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**Outdoor Alliance Achievements:**
– Protected 40 million acres of land
– Secured $5.1 billion in funding for public lands and waters
– Organized over 100,000 people for advocacy
– Held 1,000+ meetings with legislators
– Helped submit 626,000+ letters in support of legislation

**Impact on Outdoor Policy:**
– Shifted land managers’ focus to recreation values
– Advocated against public lands transfer or sale
– Led to bipartisan legislative wins
– Helped develop stewardship ethic among Americans
– Shaped legislation for equitable access to outdoor spaces

**Recognition and Testimonials:**
– Praised by Patagonia CEO for shaping legislation
– Acknowledged by New Mexico’s U.S. Representative
– Recognized for effectiveness in outdoor advocacy
– Acknowledged for bipartisan conservation policy advocacy
– Acknowledged for bringing outdoor voices to policymakers

**Outdoor Alliance’s Role:**
– Unites outdoor enthusiasts for public lands conservation
– Comprises 10 national advocacy organizations
– Works towards human-powered outdoor experiences
– Advocates for sustainable access to the outdoors
– Aims to conserve public lands through collective efforts

**Organizational Structure:**
– Includes Staff, Advisory Councils, and Working Groups
– Outlines OIA Board roles and responsibilities
– Describes Individual Board duties and elections
– Manages Outdoor Foundation Board
– Follows OIA Bylaws for governance and operations

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