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Our Vision:
– i2P aims to break boundaries in modern education.
– Uses mind-blowing adventures for interactive learning.
– Dreams of global schools using i2P expeditions.
– Covers all expedition expenses for Youth Ambassadors.
– Delivers free Experiential Learning Programs to schools worldwide.

– i2P shares innovative experiential learning to all ages.
– Focuses on interactive educational programs.
– Provides hands-on learning experiences.
– Offers diverse educational resources.
– Promotes experiential learning globally.

– i2P inspires youth to surpass perceived limits.
– Encourages youth to embrace challenges.
– Motivates youth to achieve their goals.
– Demonstrates the power of determination.
– Inspires thousands of students through Youth Ambassadors.

Youth Ambassadors prove goals are achievable.
– Showcases the impact of commitment.
– Encourages youth to push boundaries.
– Demonstrates the importance of perseverance.
– Empowers youth to make a difference.

Youth Ambassadors:
Youth Ambassadors are heroes of i2P.
– Defy perceived barriers in their lives.
– Inspire students during expeditions.
– Serve as role models for youth worldwide.
– Showcase the power of determination and resilience.

Our Team:
– Comprises a passionate group of advisors and directors.
– Possesses diverse skill sets.
– Works towards inspiring future leaders.
– Assists in all areas of the organization.
– Dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering youth globally.

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