Ed Jackson

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Ed Jackson’s Recovery Journey

After fracturing his C6/C7 vertebrae in 2017, Ed Jackson faced paralysis and a bleak prognosis. Despite being warned he might never walk again, Ed’s positive attitude and resilience drove his remarkable recovery. From limited arm movement to regaining use of a wheelchair, and eventually aiming to walk a mile, Ed applied his experience as a professional rugby player to his rehabilitation. His journey from quadriplegia to regaining significant function showcases his incredible determination and strength.

– Initial signs of progress after accident:
– Flickers of movement in big toe
– Emotional flashes of optimism
– Reward for hope and perseverance
– Positive attitude as a driving force
– Transition from potential paralysis to recovery

– Focus on mobility and independence:
– Prioritizing wheelchair use
– Avoiding being a burden to others
– Striving for self-sufficiency
– Ultimate motivation: ability to walk
– Setting ambitious goals for recovery

– Applying sports rehab knowledge to recovery:
– Experience from rugby injuries
– Elite focus and work rate
– Understanding mental and physical processes
– Achieving remarkable function post-injury
– Quick progress due to prior sports background

– Impact of Brown-Sequard Syndrome:
– Weakness and paralysis on one side
– Loss of sensation on the other side
– Challenges with temperature regulation
– Difficulty with bladder control
– Notable limp while walking

– Inspirational achievements post-injury:
– Summiting Snowdon mountain
– Completing the Restart Rugby Alpine Challenge
– Pushing body to physical limits
– Inspiring others facing challenges
– Raising funds for charities and supporting peers

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