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– Vatnajökull is the second largest ice cap in Europe by volume (about 3,000km
– The ice cap covers an area of 7,900km
– The average ice thickness is 380m (1,250ft)
– The maximum ice thickness reaches 950m (3,120ft)
– Icelands highest peak, Hvannadalshnúkur (2,109.6m or 6,921ft 3in), is located in the southern periphery of Vatnajökull.

– Hrútsfjallstindar is a series of Icelandic peaks rising from Vatnajökull.
– These peaks range from 1,756 metres (5,761ft) to 1,875 metres (6,152ft) high.

– Under the ice cap, there are several volcanoes.
– Eruptions from these volcanoes have created large pockets of water beneath the ice.
– Volcanic eruptions under Vatnajökull have led to subglacial eruptions.
– The volcanic lake Grímsvötn was the source of a large jökulhlaup in 1996.
– A volcanic eruption in 2011 reached a plume height of 17km (56,000ft).

In culture:
– Vatnajökull was previously known as Klofajökull.
– The glacier was the site of a successful rescue operation of a crashed plane crew in 1950.
– Vatnajökull has been featured in films like James Bond’s “A View to a Kill” and “Game of Thrones.”
– The glacier was used as a filming location for music videos and TV series.
– In 2004, Vatnajökull was visited during the first leg of The Amazing Race 6.

Outlet glaciers:
– Vatnajökull has around 30 outlet glaciers flowing from the ice cap.
– Outlet glaciers are sorted by the administrative territories of Vatnajökull National Park.
– The list of outlet glaciers is not exhaustive.
– Skaftafell national park and other sources provide information on Vatnajökull’s outlet glaciers.
– The glacier’s outlet glaciers are a significant part of its geographical features.

Vatnajökull (Wikipedia)

Vatnajökull (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈvahtnaˌjœːkʏtl̥] , literally "Glacier of Lakes"; sometimes translated as Vatna Glacier in English) is the largest and most voluminous ice cap in Iceland, and the second largest in area in Europe after the Severny Island ice cap of Novaya Zemlya. It is in the south-east of the island, covering approximately 10% of the country.

Vatna Glacier
Vatnajökull, Iceland
TypeIce cap
Coordinates64°24′N 16°48′W / 64.400°N 16.800°W / 64.400; -16.800
Area7,900 km2 (3,100 sq mi)
Thickness380 m (1,250 ft) average
TerminusOutlet glaciers
Map of Vatnajökull ice cap showing its named glacial catchments (light grey shading with white outline). Clicking on the map to enlarge it enables mouse over that allows identification of individual named glacial catchments in Iceland.
Iceland as seen from space, with Vatnajökull appearing as the largest white area to the lower right
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