List of polar explorers

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SUBTOPIC: Notable Polar Explorers
– Robert M. Berry
– Frederick A. Cook
– James Cook
– Henry Cookson
– Augustine Courtauld

SUBTOPIC: Antarctic Explorers
– Tom Crean
– Lars Christensen
– Edgeworth David
– Jason De Carteret
– Antoni Bolesław Dobrowolski

SUBTOPIC: Arctic Explorers
– Matthew A. Henson
– Wally Herbert
– Alex Hibbert
– Edmund Hillary
– John Hornby

SUBTOPIC: Historical Polar Expeditions
– Polaris expedition
– HMS Discovery
– HMS Terror
– Challenger expedition
– Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition

SUBTOPIC: Polar Research Stations
– McMurdo Station
– Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station
– Vostok Station
– Pole of Inaccessibility research station

This list is for recognised pioneering explorers of the polar regions. It does not include subsequent travelers and expeditions.

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