List of climbers and mountaineers

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SUBTOPIC: Notable Climbers and Mountaineers
– Yvon Chouinard
– Chhurim
– Johann Coaz
– Emilio Comici
– Michel Croz

SUBTOPIC: Achievements in Climbing
– Tommy Caldwell: First free ascents on El Capitan, including Dawn Wall
– Una Cameron: Ascents in the Alps, Caucasus, and Africa
– Kim Carrigan: First ascents of Ewbank grade 26-30 routes
– Lucy Creamer: British female competition climber and alpine climber
– Janja Garnbret: Most successful competition climber, first female to onsight 8c

SUBTOPIC: Pioneers in Mountaineering
– Louis Ramond de Carbonnières: French scientist and Pyrenean pioneer
– Tom Hornbein: First ascent of Everest via the West Ridge
– Wasfia Nazreen: Climbed K2 and finished the Seven Summits
– Jordan Romero: Youngest person to climb Everest at age 13
– Steve Roper: Guidebook writer, first ascent of West Buttress of El Capitan

SUBTOPIC: Notable Ascents
– Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru (India)
– Anak Verhoeven: First woman to claim a first ascent of a 5.15a
– Grade milestones: 5.14b (8c), 5.14d (9a)
– Wikimedia Commons has media related to Mountaineers and Climbers
– History of rock climbing

SUBTOPIC: References
– Fitz Roy – West face (Supercanaleta)
– New doubts over Korean Oh Eun-Suns climbing record
– American Alpine Journal
– Pete Schoening – Obituary
– Jordan Romero, 13, becomes youngest to scale Everest

This is a list of climbers and mountaineers who are notable for their activities in mountaineering (including alpine climbing), rock climbing (including aid climbing, free climbing, bouldering, speed climbing and competition climbing) or in ice climbing (including mixed climbing).

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