Jinja, Uganda

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**Location and Geography of Jinja, Uganda**:
– Situated in Jinja District, Busoga sub-region, Eastern Region of Uganda.
– Located approximately 81 kilometers east of Kampala.
– Positioned along the northern shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the White Nile.
– Average elevation of 1,204 meters above sea level.
– Hosts Uganda Red Cross Society’s regional offices.
– Geographic features include Lake Victoria and the Nile River.

**History and Population of Jinja, Uganda**:
– Founded in 1901 by British settlers; planned under colonial rule in 1948 by German architect Ernst May.
– Construction of Owen Falls Dam in 1954 submerged Ripon Falls.
– Affected by the Uganda–Tanzania War of 1978–1979; briefly declared the new capital of Uganda by Idi Amin.
– Population estimates: 71,213 in 2002, 82,800 in 2010, 89,700 in 2011, and 72,931 in 2014.
– Largest metropolitan area in Jinja District and the 14th-largest metropolis in Uganda.

**Economy and Infrastructure Development in Jinja, Uganda**:
– Second largest economy in Uganda with main activities in the central business district.
– Key economic players include Kakira Sugar Works, Nile Breweries Limited, and MM Integrated Steel.
– Kiira Motors Corporation setting up a car manufacturing facility.
– Eskom aims to increase Ugandan power plants.
– Construction of New Jinja Bridge and Source of the Nile Bridge.

**Tourism and Local Attractions in Jinja, Uganda**:
– Considered the tourism hub of Africa with various adventure activities.
– Booming tourism sector with hotels, resorts, and entertainment options.
– Activities include water rafting, visiting waterfalls, and exploring the source of the Nile.
– Known as the adventure capital of East Africa with attractions like Bujagali Power Station and Nyege Nyege Festival.
– Strategic location at the source of the River Nile attracts tourists for water and land-based activities.

**Transport, Energy Generation, and Miscellaneous**:
– Major station on the Uganda Railway; Jinja Airport located 4 km north of the central business district.
– Source of the Nile Bridge connects Njeru to Jinja; Kampala-Jinja Highway links Jinja with the capital.
– Kiira Power Station produces 200 megawatts of hydroelectric power.
– Activities in Jinja include sports with popular football teams like Bul FC and Gaddafi FC.
– Presence of various places of worship representing different religions in Jinja.

Jinja, Uganda (Wikipedia)

Jinja is a city in the Eastern Region of Uganda, located on the north shore of Lake Victoria.

Idindha (Soga)
Jinja is located in Uganda
Location in Uganda
Coordinates: 00°25′24″N 33°12′14″E / 0.42333°N 33.20389°E / 0.42333; 33.20389
Country Uganda
RegionEastern Region
 • Mayor(Kasolo Alton)
3,950 ft (1,204 m)
 (2020 Estimate)
 • Total300,000
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