Visitor center

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– Civic center at specific attractions
– Tourist information center at airports
– Provides information, educational exhibits, and artifact displays
– Often coordinates permit requirements and guided tours
– Operated by local government or chamber of commerce

– Information source symbol in Unicode
– Used in Australia by Accredited Visitor Information Centres
– Letterlike Symbols code block for information source
– Commonly a lower case, roman type, serif, extra bold, letter i
– Script typeface form is also common

– UK has Tourist Information Centres run by BTA
– VisitEngland promotes domestic tourism in England
– Visit Wales supports TICs in Wales
– VisitScotland operates TICs in Scotland
– Poland has special offices and tables for tourist information

North America:
– Welcome centers in the United States along highways
– Operated by states and some cities in the US
– Ontario has 11 Travel Information Centres
– First welcome center opened in Michigan in 1935
– Provide information, rest areas, and visitor services

South America:
– Peru has Iperú for tourist information and assistance
– Provides information on destinations and attractions
– Assistance with various procedures and problems
– Nationwide network with online representation
– PromPerú promotes tourism and international commerce in Peru

– Visitor centres in Australia mostly government-run
– Accredited centres use italic i symbol
– Provide information on local area and services
– Assist with bookings for accommodation and tours
– Act as the first point of contact for visitors in a region

Visitor center (Wikipedia)

A visitor center or centre (see American and British English spelling differences), visitor information center or tourist information centre is a physical location that provides information to tourists.

The simplest form of visitor center is an information board, such as this one in Wallendbeen, Australia
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