Urban tourism

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– Definition:
– Urban tourism defined by UNWTO
– Characteristics of urban spaces
– Urban destinations offer diverse experiences
– Non-agricultural economy in urban spaces
– Urban areas as transport hubs

– Activities:
– Visiting museums, art galleries, and religious temples
– Attending festivals, concerts, and parades
– Exploring historical buildings and monuments
– Nightlife and cultural tourism in cities
– Shopping tourism in urban areas

– City tours:
– Tour operators offer city tour packages
– Expert tourist guides available in popular cities
– Tours within a specific city or across multiple cities
– City tours cover cultural, historical, and architectural sites
– City tours cater to leisure and business travelers

– References:
– Wikimedia Commons resources on city tourism
– World Tourism Organization’s insights on urban tourism
– UNWTO’s research on shopping tourism
– Resources for market intelligence and competitiveness
– References for further exploration and understanding

Urban tourism (Wikipedia)

Urban tourism, or also called city tourism, is a form of tourism that takes place in the large human agglomerations, usually in the main cities or urban areas of each country.

Row of tourist buses in front of the Berlin Cathedral and the Altes Museum, Berlin (Germany).
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