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Recent or Continuous City-Wide Travel Surveys:
– Auckland, New Zealand: Surveyed 6,000 households in 2006.
– Brisbane, Australia: Conducted continuous surveys every two years since 2003, covering around 6,000 households.
– Hobart, Australia: Gathers data from 200 households monthly.
– London, United Kingdom: Covers 8,000 households annually through face-to-face interviews.
– Sydney, Australia: Conducts continuous annual surveys for about 3,500 households in the Greater Metropolitan Region.

Recent or Continuous Regional Travel Surveys:
– Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada: Conducted the Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS) every five years since 1986, with a dataset of 162,708 surveys in 2016.

Recent or Continuous Country-Wide Travel Surveys:
– Denmark: Initiated the National Travel Survey in 2006, using internet and telephone interviews.
– Germany: Conducts the National Travel Survey yearly since 1994, with 25,000 households participating in non-regular surveys.
– The Netherlands: Surveyed around 34,500 households in 2003, conducting yearly surveys since 1985 with mailed forms and motivational phone calls.
– New Zealand: Ministry of Transport surveys 4,600 households annually through face-to-face interviews.
– United Kingdom: Conducts the National Travel Survey.

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Travel survey (Wikipedia)

A travel survey (or travel diary or travel behavior inventory) is a survey of individual travel behavior. Most surveys collect information about an individual (socio-economic, demographic, etc.), their household (size, structure, relationships), and a diary of their journeys on a given day (their start and end location, start and end time, mode of travel, accompaniment and purpose of travel).

Major travel surveys are conducted in metropolitan areas typically once a decade. Some regions, notably metropolitan Seattle, Washington conduct a panel survey, which interviews the same people year after year, to see how their particular behavior evolves over time.

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