Training of mountain guides and trips to Tajikistan – Women Rockin’ Pamirs

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**Formation of Mountain Guides and Trips to Tajikistan – Women Rockin’ Pamirs**

– WRIP aims to empower Tajik women through mountain activities.
– Activities help women realize their potential and professionalize in mountain-related jobs.
– Focus on promoting autonomy, ecological values, and sharing mountain passion.
– WRIP provides training for women in various mountain-related skills.
– Trips to Tajikistan offer women practical experience in mountain environments.

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**About Us**

– WRIP shares summaries of past trainings and participant experiences.
– Stay updated on upcoming events and news related to WRIP activities.
– Access reports on WRIP’s activities for different seasons.
– WRIP’s sister organization, Zannon Dar Kuhhoi Pomir, focuses on empowering women.
– Get insights into WRIP’s mission, vision, and impact on women in Tajikistan.

**Press and Partners**

– WRIP collaborates with various press outlets to raise awareness about their initiatives.
– Partnerships with organizations help expand WRIP’s reach and impact.
– WRIP’s press coverage highlights the importance of empowering women through mountain activities.
– Strong partnerships enable WRIP to offer diverse training opportunities for women.
– Collaborations with press and partners contribute to WRIP’s success in promoting mountain activities for women.

**Photo Gallery and Updates**

– Explore a collection of photos showcasing women’s participation in mountain activities.
– Stay informed about the latest news, events, and updates related to WRIP.
– Access information on how to support WRIP’s initiatives through donations and membership.
– Connect with WRIP through social media platforms like Facebook.
– Find details on upcoming events, including the annual general meeting scheduled for January 16, 2021.

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