Pip Stewart

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About Pip Stewart:

  • Pip Stewart is an author, adventurer, and mother, known for her love of travel, health, and wellbeing. With a hippy heart, she believes that connecting with people and nature is beneficial for the soul and seeks to tell stories with heart.

Major Expeditions:

  • Cycling Journey: Cycled halfway around the world, experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes.
  • Deforestation Reporting: Reported on deforestation in Brazil and Peru, highlighting the environmental challenges in these regions.
  • Royal Marines Expedition: Joined the Royal Marines on an expedition in Norway, testing her limits in extreme conditions.
  • Amazon Jungle Paddle: Completed a world-first paddle through the Amazon Jungle, an adventure that involved navigating challenging waters and dense jungle.

Key Experiences:

  • Contracted leishmaniasis from a sandfly during one of her adventures, leading to a flesh-eating parasite that required aggressive chemotherapy. This experience has driven her to campaign for awareness of neglected tropical diseases.

Personal Life:

  • After becoming a mother, Pip is planning numerous family adventures to inspire others that parenting does not end adventuring. She is also working on her first book for children.

Passion and Focus:

  • Pip Stewart is dedicated to storytelling that connects with people on a deeper level, advocating for health, wellbeing, and the great outdoors. Her adventures and experiences aim to inspire others to explore and connect with the world around them.

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