List of water sports

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**On the Water:**
Boat racing
– Boating
– Cable skiing
– Canoe polo

**In the Water:**
– Aquajogging
– Artistic or synchronized swimming
– Diving
– Finswimming
– Modern pentathlon

**Under Water – Recreational Diving:**
Cave diving
– Deep diving
– Freediving
– Ice diving
– Mermaiding

**Under Water – Underwater Sports:**
– Aquathlon
– Finswimming
– Freediving
– Spearfishing

**See Also:**
– List of beach sports
Outdoor recreation
– Outline of canoeing and kayaking

Water sports or aquatic sports are sport activities conducted on waterbodies, and can be categorized according to the degree of immersion by the participants.

A variety of water sports. From top left: diving, surfing, water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming, rowing, yacht racing, dragon boat racing, kayaking
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