Friends of Kagando

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– About Us
– Kagando Hospital is a 250-bed general hospital in Western Uganda.
– Located in the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains, 20km from the Congo border.
– Serves a population of about 350,000 in a poor rural area.
– Most residents are subsistence farmers.
– Hospital is a vital healthcare provider in the region.

– Hospital
– Offers various medical services to the community.
– Provides care for maternal and child health, palliative care, mental health, and health education.
– Conducts regular outreach visits to surrounding villages.
– Plays a significant role in the healthcare of the region.
– Acts as a crucial resource for the local population.

– Friends
– Friends of Kagando is a UK-based charity supporting the hospital.
– Provides financial assistance, prayer support, and communication.
– Offers help in clinical, technical, management, educational, and pastoral activities.
– Supports fundraising efforts for the hospital.
– Collaborates closely with Kagando Hospital for its development.

– Electives and Visits
– Kagando provides opportunities for students to experience medicine in an African setting.
– Students from various countries study medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy at the hospital.
– Qualified volunteers are welcomed to contribute.
– Offers elective periods for students to gain practical experience.
– Enhances medical education through practical exposure.

– Community Work
– Kagando Hospital is deeply involved in community outreach.
– Conducts regular visits to surrounding villages for healthcare services.
– Focuses on maternal and child health, palliative care, mental health, and health education.
– Aims to improve the health and well-being of the local population.
– Demonstrates a commitment to community service and healthcare access.

– News and Updates
– Flood relief efforts are actively reaching affected areas from Kagando.
– Recent floods in Kasese District have caused significant damage.
– The hospital’s X-Ray machine is in need of replacement.
– Friends of Kagando is seeking a new Treasurer.
– A solar power project is underway to provide sustainable energy for the hospital.

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