Canadian Rivers Day

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– History:
– Minister of Canadian Heritage, Sheila Copps, declared the second Sunday of June as Canadian Rivers Day in 2002.
– BC Rivers Day, founded by Mark Angelo, had been celebrated in British Columbia for over two decades.
– World Rivers Day, celebrated on the last Sunday of September, was announced in 2005.
– Canadian Heritage Rivers Board and delegates at the 2001 Canadian Rivers Heritage Conference supported the concept of Canadian Rivers Day.
– Canadian Rivers Day is now a significant event in North America.

– Celebration:
– Events are organized across Canada to mark Rivers Day from the Yukon to Prince Edward Island.
– Activities include picnics, paddle-a-thons, voyageur canoeing, sharing river stories, creating river artwork, and nature walks or bicycle rides along rivers.
– Rivers Day celebrations aim to raise awareness about the importance of rivers and water bodies.
– Participation in these events helps promote environmental stewardship and conservation efforts.
– Communities come together to appreciate and protect the rivers in their regions.

– References:
– Archived copy from 2008 provides historical information about Canadian Rivers Day.
– The citation includes details on the proclamation and establishment of the day.
– The archived material serves as a resource for those interested in the origins and development of Rivers Day.
– The reference highlights the significance of the Ministerial Proclamation and the subsequent recognition of the day.
– Accessing the archived information can offer insights into the evolution of river-related celebrations in Canada.

– External Links:
– Canadian Heritage River website offers resources and information on Canadian rivers.
– Ottawa River Keeper focuses on protecting the Ottawa River and its watershed.
– “Ten Best Rivers” resource may provide details on notable rivers in Canada.
– External links provide additional sources of information related to Canadian Rivers Day.
– The Wikipedia page on Canadian Rivers Day contains valuable details and historical context about the celebration.

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Canadian Rivers Day (French: Journée des rivières canadiennes) is held annually on the second Sunday in June to promote public awareness of the importance of preserving the heritage and health of Canada's rivers. Participating in Rivers Day helps to spread the message that rivers are vital to maintain a healthy ocean and a healthy earth.

Canadian Rivers Day
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