National CleanUp Day

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– Inaugural National CleanUp Day held in 2017 with 225,000 volunteers.
– 2018 event had 1,500,000 volunteers and 14 million pounds of waste collected.
– 2019 cleanup saw nearly two million volunteers and 18 million pounds of waste collected.
– U.S. event coordinated with World Cleanup Day had 20 million volunteers in 170 countries.
– U.S. Department of Transportation joined cleanups from 2018.

– Founders return to Mission Trails Regional Park on National Cleanup Day.
– Various news sources like ABC 10 News and Spectrum News 1 cover National Cleanup Day.
– City of Amarillo and Y participated in National Cleanup Day.
– Clean Trails website provides past results of cleanup efforts.
– Millions participate in World Cleanup Day and National Cleanup Day.

– National CleanUp Day observed globally on third Saturday of September.
– Cleanups held in every U.S. State and Territory.
– Promotes organized and individual cleanup events to prevent plastic pollution.
– Organized by Clean Trails, a nonprofit founded by Bill Willoughby and Steve Jewett.
– Encourages volunteering to keep outdoors clean.

– Earth Day partnered with National CleanUp Day for the Earth Day CleanUp.
– U.S. Department of Transportation participated in cleanups.
– Partnerships with World Cleanup Day and Keep America Beautiful for activities like Plogging and TrashTag Challenge.
– Girl Scouts joined National CleanUp Day in 2020.
– Various state departments of transportation participate in National CleanUp Day.

Global Impact:
– National CleanUp Day is an annual event.
– Aims to prevent plastic waste from entering the ocean.
– Largest single-day global volunteer event with 20 million volunteers in 170 countries.
– Coordinated efforts with World Cleanup Day.
– Earth Day and presenting partners support cleanup activities.

National CleanUp Day is held annually in the United States and globally on the third Saturday of September. In the United States, there are cleanups held in every State and Territory. It promotes country-scale organized and individual cleanup events and volunteering to keep the outdoors clean and prevent plastic from entering the ocean. National CleanUp Day is organized by Clean Trails, a nonprofit organization founded by Bill Willoughby and Steve Jewett.

National CleanUp Day
Observed byNational CleanUp Day is observed globally.
CelebrationsVolunteer to cleanup the country. From Sea to Shining Sea.
Date3rd Saturday in September
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