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**1. Types of Camping Accommodations:**
– Campgrounds for tents, campervans, or caravans.
– RV parks in North America and Caravan Parks in the UK for recreational vehicles.
– Trailer parks for long-term or semi-permanent residents in mobile homes or RVs.
– Holiday parks in the UK offering rented mobile homes or leased pitches.
– Various types of holiday park accommodations like caravans, lodges, and park homes.

**2. Facilities and Amenities:**
– Campgrounds with amenities like fireplaces, picnic tables, and restrooms.
– Holiday parks offering entertainment blocks, shops, restaurants, and theaters.
– Touring campsites within holiday parks with facilities for tents, caravans, and motorhomes.
– Features of holiday homes including double glazing, central heating, and hot water supplies.
– Certificated and Certified Locations as smaller caravan sites approved by camping organizations.

**3. History and Development:**
– Campgrounds predating the automobile era.
– President Theodore Roosevelt’s call for free campgrounds on Federal lands in 1901.
– Establishment of the National Park Service in 1916.
– Lobbying efforts by the Trailer Coach Manufacturers Association for more campgrounds.
– Influence of Emilio Meinecke’s campground design on modern facilities.

**4. Camping Practices in Different Countries:**
– Wild camping regulations in Britain and crownland camping in Canada.
– Free camping for Canadian citizens and residents up to 21 days per site.
– Usage designations provided by the Crownland Atlas in Canada.
– Regulations to reduce environmental impacts in camping areas.
– Web resources offering details about camping sites in Canada.

**5. Regulations and Permit Requirements:**
– Backcountry campsites in organized parks requiring permits.
– Strict regulations on food storage and resource protection.
– Maximum number of persons allowed per night at campsites.
– Permits may be free and obtained at visitor centers.
– Various modes of reaching camping areas like foot, bicycle, canoe, or horseback.

Campsite (Wikipedia)

Campsite, campground, and camping pitch are all related terms regarding a place used for camping (an overnight stay in an outdoor area). The usage differs between British English and American English.

An individual campsite at Hunting Island State Park in South Carolina in the United States

In British English, a campsite is an area, usually divided into a number of camping pitches, where people can camp overnight using tents, campervans or caravans. In the US, the expression used is campground and not campsite. In American English, the term campsite generally means an area where an individual, family, group, or military unit can pitch a tent or park a camper; a campground may contain many campsites.

There are two types of campsites (US) or pitches (UK): one, a designated area with various facilities; or two, an impromptu area (as one might decide to stop while backpacking or hiking, or simply adjacent to a road through the wilderness).

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