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– On-site rangers are the first line of defense against illegal wildlife trade
– Rangers typically form squads of four men with complementary roles
– Rangers are equipped with firearms and simple uniforms
– Organizations are now able to fund equipment for rangers
– Rangers perform daily tasks including patrols and protection strategies

– Technology serves as a force multiplier for anti-poaching groups
– Camera traps are commonly used for monitoring wildlife and detecting poachers
– Real-time updates from protected areas to ranger units are increasingly common
– Technological solutions are trialed in private game reserves and national parks
– Technology is crucial for protecting large areas with minimal staff

Military operations:
– The British Army launched Operation Corded in 2018 to support anti-poaching efforts in Southern Africa

Notable anti-poaching organizations:
– The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) conserves and manages Kenya’s wildlife
– Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is a global marine conservation organization
– Sea Shepherd operates globally to prevent illegal fishing and whaling
– Sea Shepherd’s tactics have faced opposition, even from some anti-whaling groups

– “What is a Ranger?” – WWF
– “Illegal Wildlife Trade” – WWF
– “For Rangers on the Front Lines of Anti-Poaching Wars, Daily Trauma” – National Geographic
– Action: Provide better equipment to anti-poaching ranger patrols – Conservation Evidence
– Elephant Tracking Collars – Elephant Tracking

Anti-poaching (Wikipedia)

Anti-poaching is the organised act to counter the poaching of wildlife. However, it is generally used to describe an overall effort against the illegal wildlife trade. The act of anti-poaching is normally carried out by national parks on public land and by private security companies on privately owned land. Anti-poaching takes many forms and which depends mainly upon the habitat being protected. Typically, it is the act of actively patrolling land in an effort to prevent poachers from reaching the animals.

Armed anti-poaching ranger among squad members
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