Adventure park

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– Related Outdoor Activities:
– A ropes course is a challenging outdoor personal development and team-building activity.
– Some parks offer both recreational and team-building sections.
– A canopy tour is a type of ziplining where a person is harnessed to a steel cable and propelled by gravity through a forest canopy.
– Canopy tours have become popular for recreation and tourism.
– Canopy tours were previously used for civil and scientific purposes.

– Safety Systems:
– Safety equipment for participants includes a harness, lanyard, and belay device.
– Helmets and gloves can also be used for added safety.

– Gallery:
Forest adventure park.
Adventure park on Poles.
– Indoor Adventure park in a shopping mall.
– Rope park in the Leningrad region, Russia.
– Park visitor on stage in the Leningrad region, Russia.

– See Also:
– Ropes course.
– Zip-line.
– Via ferrata.

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Adventure park (Wikipedia)

An adventure park is a place which can contain a wide variety of elements, including but not limited to, rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses, bouldering, rock climbing, target oriented activities, and zip-lines. They are usually intended for recreation.

Forest Aerial Adventure Park
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