Clay Hayes ALONE Season 8 Winner: Surviving 74 Days On Grizzly Mountain

Clay Hayes Podcast


In this podcast conversation, Chris Watson sits down with Clay Hayes, Winner of the History Channel TV Series Alone – Season 8.

Clay shares his experience surviving in the Canadian wilderness for 74 days.

He discusses his background as a wildlife biologist and his passion for the outdoors.

Clay talks about his transition from a traditional job to becoming a full-time YouTuber and participating in and winning the Alone show.

Clay Hayes Is Guest on Adventure Diaries Podcast Episode 3
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Clay also shares insights into the selection process and the challenges he faced during the show, including the physical and mental toll, foraging for food, and hunting deer.

Clay Hayes, the winner of Alone Season 8, shares his experiences and lessons learned during his time in the wilderness.
He discusses his encounters with wildlife, including a mountain lion and grizzlies, and the challenges he faced in terms of food scarcity and isolation.

Clay also talks about the importance of mental strength and how Stoic philosophy helped him navigate through difficult times.
He reflects on the profound impact the experience had on him and the lessons he wants to pass on to his children.

Clay encourages listeners to spend time alone in nature and to support conservation organizations that focus on preserving wildlife habitat.

Episode Takeaways

  • Clay Hayes, a wildlife biologist and YouTuber, won Alone Season 8 after surviving 74 days in the Canadian wilderness.
  • Clay’s passion for the outdoors and his desire to live in the mountains led him to move from Florida to Idaho.
  • He made the transition from a traditional job to becoming a full-time YouTuber, focusing on outdoor adventures and teaching others how to make bows.
  • Clay’s experience and skills as a wildlife biologist and bowyer helped him during his time on the Alone show, where he had to forage for food and hunt deer. Spending time alone in nature can provide valuable introspection and a deeper appreciation for the world around us.
  • Encountering wildlife in the wilderness can be both thrilling and challenging, requiring quick thinking and adaptability.
  • Mental strength and the teachings of Stoic philosophy can help navigate through difficult times and provide a sense of perspective.
  • The experience of being alone in the wilderness can have a profound impact on personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Supporting conservation organizations that focus on preserving wildlife habitat is crucial for the protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

Call To Adventure

I would say that most people would benefit from time alone in the woods, undistracted, completely undistracted time, no cell phones, no electronics of any kind, no one, no one else, just yourself.

Go out, even if it’s going out into a wild area and sitting on a stump for a day, just to look inward and think that’s something that is increasingly rare is time to think.

But if you can go out for four or five days a week, by yourself and just ask yourself, like,

Why, why do I live the way that I do?
Why do I do things the way that I do?
Am I happy?

If you’re not happy, why just think about those things.

I think that would be a huge benefit to most of us.

Pay It Forward

I don’t want to mention any particular organization or cause or anything like that.
I’d say that whatever it is that you’re passionate about as far as conservation goes, I mean, there are so many different conservation organizations around the world.

Being a wildlife biologist, I tend to focus on wildlife habitat versus any particular species because you when you focus on wildlife habitat the home you affect a whole suite of species.

Plus the wild places that we go out and recreate and so if you can identify an organization that focuses on the conservation of land and habitat that’s what I would encourage people to get involved with.

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