Global Travel Adventures with Jeff Johns of ‘What Doesn’t Suck’

Jeff Johns Podcast


Welcome to Episode 14 of the Adventure Diaries Podcast. Host Chris Watson welcomes a fascinating guest, Jeff Johns, co-creator of the travel-centric brand “What Doesn’t Suck.”

Together, they unpack a series of travel adventures based on exploration, storytelling and cultural immersion

Jeff Johns Is Guest on Adventure Diaries Podcast Episode 14
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Meet Jeff Johns

Jeff Johns isn’t just any traveler; he’s a storyteller who, alongside his wife, turned his passion for seeing the world into the captivating series “What Doesn’t Suck.” Based initially in Dubai, Jeff’s journey in travel content creation began with his wife by his side, exploring new lands and sharing their stories, aiming to look at the brighter side of each destination they visited.

Key Travel Experiences Discussed

From traversing nearly half the countries in the world to daring adventures in off-the-beaten-path locations like Tajikistan and Sudan, Jeff’s tales are anything but ordinary. He describes how travel tested and fortified his relationship with his wife—starting with a pinky promise that led them from a simple office romance to the vast landscapes of Thailand and beyond. Each story shared in the podcast highlights the couple’s zest for life and adventure.

Jeff’s Philosophy on Travel

Jeff articulates a compelling view on travel: it’s not just about the destinations but the perspectives gained. He stresses the importance of approaching new places with an open mind, free from prejudices or expectations. This philosophy is evident as he recounts the spontaneous trips planned based on flight availability from Dubai, turning each journey into a thrilling escapade.

Traveling as a Family

Life’s phases evolve, and so has Jeff’s travel dynamics. Now a father, he discusses the shifts in planning and experiencing trips with young children. These new adventures are no less significant; they are imbued with lessons and joys of their own, as travel becomes a tool for family bonding and education.

Episode Takeaways

  • Authentic storytelling and capturing unique content is important in the current sea of travel content
  • Building trust with the audience is crucial in sponsored content
  • Volunteering can provide a deeper cultural experience while traveling
  • Going to places you know nothing about can lead to unexpected and fulfilling adventures
  • Finding a balance between capturing content and experiencing the culture is essential

Call To Adventure

  • Jeff’s Suggestion: “Go to somewhere that you know absolutely nothing about and take no preconceived notions or stereotypes or objectives into it… That to me is the most adventurous thing possible.”

Pay It Forward

  • Volunteering Impact: Jeff highlights the profound effect of volunteering on his early travels, recommending it as a way to deeply connect with local cultures.
  • Organization Mentioned: All Hands and Hearts, a volunteer organization currently active in global disaster response efforts.


Jeff Johns’ episode on the Adventure Diaries is a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone curious about the world beyond their doorstep. His stories remind us that the world doesn’t suck—not by a long shot—especially when you’re willing to explore it with enthusiasm and an open heart.

To hear more about Jeff’s incredible journey and get a full dose of inspiration, tune into this episode of the Adventure Diaries with Chris Watson. It’s more than just a conversation; it’s a open invite to adventure and exploration.

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