World Travel Monitor

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Origins and Objective:
– European Travel Monitor surveys outbound travel behavior since 1988
– Expanded to World Travel Monitor in 1995 to cover overseas markets
– Data collected by architects of the Monitor or through cooperations
– World Travel Monitor tracks about 90% of all international travel flows
– Surveys aim to track all outbound travel with at least one overnight stay

– Population-representative surveys conducted annually
– Respondents surveyed through telephone, face-to-face, or online interviews
– Varying number of interviews conducted based on market size and significance
– Standardized questionnaire used to collect travel parameters
– Parameters include destination countries, trip purpose, holiday types, and more

Cooperative Partnerships:
– World Travel Monitor/European Travel Monitor are cooperative studies
– Main contracting entities include tourist boards, ministries, tour operators, and more
– Partnerships aimed at gathering and analyzing outbound travel data
– Collaboration enhances the quality and depth of statistical analysis
– Allows for precise market segmentation and reliable information

Survey Parameters:
– Parameters include number of outbound trips and market volume
– Identify destination countries, regions, and cities
– Determine trip purpose (business, holiday, other)
– Categorize holiday types, motives, and activities
– Analyze repeat visits, business trip types, trip length, and more

– World/European Travel Monitor by IPK International
– Provides data on travel in Europe, America, and Asia
– Essential for tourism market research and marketing
– Offers insights into holiday trips and business travel
– Valuable resource for understanding travel trends and behaviors

The World Travel Monitor (WTM) / European Travel Monitor (ETM) is a worldwide tourism information system detailing the foreign (outbound) travel behaviour practiced by a country’s respective resident population.

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