Travel warning

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Countries issuing warnings:
– Australia
– Austria
– Belgium
– Bulgaria
– Canada

Travel warning definition. New York: Macmillan Publishers
– Alerts and Warnings. Washington: U.S. Department of State
– Emergency Messages and Announcements. Yangon: U.S. Department of State
Travel Alerts (in Czech). Agentura SMILEX
– Smartraveller

– Wikivoyage has a travel guide for
Travel advisories
– International Travel Information. United States Department of State
– Latest Warnings. Canada: Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
Travel advice by country. United Kingdom: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Travel warning (Wikipedia)

A travel warning, travel alert, or travel advisory is an official warning statement issued by government agencies to provide information about the relative safety of travelling to or visiting one or more specific foreign countries or destinations. The purpose is to enable travelers to make an informed decision about a particular travel destination, and to help travellers prepare adequately for what may be encountered on their trip. In the United States, travel warnings are issued by the Department of State and are often called warden messages.

Travel advisories may relate to issues such as inclement weather, security matters, civil unrest or disease.

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