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– **History:**
– Skyrunning originated in the early 1990s from Italian mountaineer Marino Giacometti and a group of climbers.
– Races were first held on Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa.
– The Federation for Sport at Altitude (FSA) was established in 1995 to regulate the sport.
– Over 200 races are held globally with around 50,000 participants from 65 countries.
– The Peak Performance Project led by Dr. Giulio Sergio Roi studied human performance at high altitudes.

– **International Skyrunning Federation:**
– The International Skyrunning Federation (ISF) was founded in 2008 by the FSA and founding nations.
– ISF’s primary goals include directing, regulating, and promoting skyrunning worldwide.
– The ISF oversees the Skyrunner World Series.
– It aims to develop and enhance skyrunning and similar multisport activities.
– The ISF sanctions various skyrunning events globally.

– **Skyrunning Disciplines:**
– The main disciplines are Sky, SkyUltra, and Vertical.
– The Skyrunner World Series represents the pinnacle of outdoor running.
– The series includes an annual world championship.
– The Skyrunning European Championships and VK Open Championships are significant events.
– The VK Open Championships focus on promoting the Vertical discipline.

– **See Also:**
– Mountain running is related to skyrunning.
Mountaineering shares similarities with skyrunning.
– Trail running is another outdoor running discipline.
– Ultramarathons involve long-distance running events.
– These activities are often intertwined with skyrunning.

– **References:**
– Various sources provide information on skyrunning.
– Publications like “What in the World is Skyrunning?” and “What Is Skyrunning?” offer insights.
– The International Skyrunning Federation’s rules are essential for the sport.
– References from the Skyrunner World Series and the Federazione Italiana Skyrunning are valuable.
– These sources contribute to understanding the history and development of skyrunning.

Skyrunning (Wikipedia)

Skyrunning is a sport of mountain running above 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) where the minimum average incline is 6% over the total distance and at least 5% has an incline of 30% or more. The climbing difficulty does not exceed II grade UIAA. Poles, crampons, and hands may be used to aid progress. The governing body is the International Skyrunning Federation.

A sky runner.

The sport comprises a number of different disciplines from the short, steep Vertical Kilometer to the more popular SkyRace and SkyMarathon. Ultra SkyMarathons are becoming increasingly popular as are short vertical SkySpeed races which include skyscraper racing.

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