Shackleton’s Hut

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– Foundation:
– Shackleton decided to build a hut at Cape Royds in 1908, twenty-three miles north of Hut Point.
– The whole shore party lived in the hut through the winter of 1908.
– Shackleton left instructions with Professor Edgeworth David on hut care before leaving.
– The hut had provisions and equipment for fifteen men for one year.
– A letter inside the hut invited any succeeding party to use the stores and hut.

– Later events:
– Scott did not use Shackleton’s hut during the Terra Nova Expedition.
– A former member of Shackleton’s expedition visited the hut during Scott’s 1910–1913 expedition.
– Raymond Priestley found the hut intact with fresh food.
– Five crates of whisky were discovered buried under the hut in 2006.
– One crate is undergoing restoration and whisky analysis in Canterbury Museum, New Zealand.

– Historic site:
– The Antarctic Heritage Trust (New Zealand) has custody of the site.
– Shackleton’s Hut was listed in the 2004, 2006, and 2008 World Monuments Watch.
– American Express funded the conservation in 2004 through the World Monuments Fund.
– By 2008, the hut was fully restored to its original condition.
– Designated as Historic Site or Monument (HSM 15) by the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting.

– See also:
– List of Antarctic Field Camps.

– References:
– Ernest Shackelton. South: The Story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition 1914–1917.
– “Shackleton’s whisky to be dug up.”
– Whisky on ice takes on new meaning. One News, Television New Zealand.
– World Monuments Fund – Scott’s Hut and the Explorers’ Heritage of Antarctica.
– Conqueror of Everest says he saw Shackleton’s ghost. The New Zealand Herald.

Shackleton's Hut (Wikipedia)

Shackleton's Hut (77°33′11″S 166°10′06″E / 77.552929°S 166.168286°E / -77.552929; 166.168286) is a historical site near Cape Royds, Ross Island, Antarctica, where the explorer Ernest Shackleton built a hut that housed his party during the winter of 1908.

Shackleton's Hut
Shackleton's Hut at Cape Royds
Shackleton's Hut at Cape Royds
Location of Shackleton's Hut in Antarctica
Location of Shackleton's Hut in Antarctica
Shackleton's Hut
Location of Shackleton's Hut in Antarctica
Coordinates: 77°33′11″S 166°10′06″E / 77.552929°S 166.168286°E / -77.552929; 166.168286
Country United Kingdom
Location in AntarcticaRoss Island
McMurdo Sound
Administered byNimrod Expedition
Established1907 (1907)
TypeAll-year round
StatusRestored and preserved
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