Road trip

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**Historical Road Trips**:
– Bertha Benz’s 1888 long-distance trip in Germany
– First successful North American transcontinental trip in 1903
– Alice Huyler Ramsey’s 1909 cross-country journey
– 1919 Motor Transport Corps convoy by the U.S. Army
– Bertha Benz Memorial Route in Baden-Württemberg

**Evolution of Road Trips in the U.S.**:
– U.S. Route 66’s role in early American road trips
– Impact of the Interstate Highway System
– Businesses catering to road travelers in the 1940s
– Ability for families to travel across North America in a week
– Global attraction to the iconic American road trip

**Motivations for Road Trips**:
– Recreational purposes like sightseeing and vacation travel
– Visiting friends, relatives, or relocating
– Survey showing Americans enjoy flexibility and financial savings
– Quality bonding time with family and friends
– Discovery of special destinations and historic locations

**Notable Figures and Works**:
– Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’ and other seminal works
– Influence of Ed Ruscha and Stephen Shore in road trip art
– Films like ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation
– Portrayal of road trips as symbols of freedom and adventure
– Popularity of the American road trip in artistic expressions

**Literature, Films, and Media on Road Trips**:
– Works like ‘The Lost Continent’ and ‘Blue Highways’
– Photography projects capturing American road trips
– Significance of road trip movies in depicting the American Dream
– Cultural references in music, literature, and photography
Exploration of road trips in various media forms

Road trip (Wikipedia)

A road trip, sometimes spelled roadtrip, is a long-distance journey traveled by automobile.

Historic Route 66 in New Mexico, USA
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