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**Historical Background and Origins of U.S. Navy SEALs:**
– Modern-day U.S. Navy SEALs founded in 1962, with roots tracing back to World War II.
– Joint Army, Marine Corps, and Navy Amphibious Scout and Raider School established in 1942.
– Scouts and Raiders formed in September 1942 to support operations in various regions.
– U.S. recognized the need for covert reconnaissance during World War II.
– Second group, Special Service Unit No. 1, established in 1943 for joint operations.
– Scouts and Raiders’ missions included beach reconnaissance and guiding assault waves.

**Specialized Units and Collaborations:**
– Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) were formed with 17 Navy salvage personnel trained in demolitions in 1942.
– CIA’s Special Operations Group collaborates with SEAL Teams for joint operations.
– SEALs conduct special operation missions in various environments, trained in direct action, special reconnaissance, sabotage, and intelligence gathering.
– CIAs Special Operations Group recruits operators from SEAL Teams.
– Ongoing cooperation evident in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

**Operational History and Achievements:**
– Utah Beach NCDUs had casualties during Operation Overlord and Operation Dragoon.
– NCDUs were deployed to England for Operation Overlord in April 1944.
– OSS Maritime Unit played a significant role in the Pacific, with innovations and training at Camp Pendleton and the Bahamas.
– UDTs were formed in the Pacific Theater by Rear Admiral Kelly Turner, with operations in major Pacific landings like Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
– UDTs saw action in major Pacific landings like Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Leyte.

**Post-War Activities and Evolution:**
– UDTs were not disbanded post-war and continued friendly rivalry with Marines.
– UDTs were deployed to Northern China and Vietnam post-WWII.
– UDTs played a significant role in the Korean War, employing demolition expertise gained from WWII.
– Birth of Navy SEALs occurred in 1962, with SEALs trained in various skills and deployed to South Vietnam.
– Reorganization saw the redesignation of UDT units and the establishment of new SEAL teams.

**Modern Operations and Developments:**
– SEALs involved in various conflicts and operations worldwide, including Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
– SEAL Team Six renamed to Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU).
– SEALs continue to be deployed globally for special operations, focusing on counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, and intelligence gathering.
– Collaboration with other special operations forces and intelligence agencies is ongoing.
– SEAL candidates undergo a rigorous training and selection process, with ongoing development of new equipment and tactics for SEAL teams.

Navy SEAL (Wikipedia)

The United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy's primary special operations force and a component of the Naval Special Warfare Command. Among the SEALs' main functions are conducting small-unit special operation missions in maritime, jungle, urban, arctic, mountainous, and desert environments. SEALs are typically ordered to capture or kill high-level targets, or to gather intelligence behind enemy lines. SEAL team personnel are hand-selected, highly trained, and possess a high degree of proficiency in direct action (DA), and special reconnaissance (SR), among other tasks like sabotage, demolition, intelligence gathering, and hydro-graphic reconnaissance, training, and advising friendly militaries or other forces.

United States Navy SEALs
Special Warfare insignia known as the "SEAL Trident"
Active1 January 1962 – present
(62 years, 5 months)
CountryUnited States
BranchUnited States Navy
TypeSpecial operations force
Part of
Garrison/HQNaval Amphibious Base Coronado
Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek
Nickname(s)"Frogmen", "The Teams", "Team Guys", "The Men with Green Faces"
Motto(s)"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" "It Pays To Be A Winner". "Never Out Of The Fight".

Depending on the availability of platforms, threat level, and environment, different methods can be used for the insertion and extraction of SEALs into a target location. This could include nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines equipped with dry deck shelters, SDV submarines, surface vessels, surface swimming, or other vehicles.

All active SEALs are members of the U.S. Navy. The CIA's highly secretive and elite Special Operations Group (SOG) recruits operators from SEAL Teams, with joint operations going back to the MACV-SOG during the Vietnam War. This cooperation still exists today, as evidenced by military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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