Jeff Johns

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– About Us:
– Half American, half French married couple
– Create adventure travel videos for viewers
– Met in Dubai, traveling the world full-time
– Provide travel tips, articles, and guides
– Traveled to 93+ countries and lived in various places

– Collaboration:
– Email for campaign or project inquiries
– Work with brands and destinations
– Honest and refreshing approach
– Leverage social influence
– Highlight places and products believed in

– Sustainable Travel:
– Traveling the world is a valuable gift and education
– Importance of sustainable travel for future generations
– Encourages learning more about sustainable practices
– Emphasizes responsibility in travel choices
– Promotes sustainable travel tips and practices

Travel Videos Trend:
– Filming travel videos is a popular trend
– Many new travel blogs and video creators
– Growing interest in travel video content
– Influence of travel videos on audience
– Diverse range of travel video creators

Adventure Bloggers:
– Jeff and Anne, adventure travel bloggers
– Behind the What Doesn’t Suck blog
– Share travel experiences and tips
– Engage with audience through social media
– Provide insights into travel destinations and experiences

Jeff John’s official site What Doesn’t Suck? Adventure Travel Video Guides (

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