Great Silk Run

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Great Silk Run 2024 – Danny Bent:

– Route: 10,000 miles from London to Tokyo
– Participants: 15 teams of 10 runners each
– Duration: 4 months
– Purpose: Promote global unity and cultural exchange
– Charity: Fundraising for clean water projects


– Support crew: 5 people per team
– Accommodation: Camping and staying with local hosts
– Transportation: Runners alternate running and driving
– Safety: Medical support and emergency plans in place
– Communication: Satellite phones for each team


– Climate: Varying weather conditions along the route
– Terrain: Running through deserts, mountains, and cities
– Distance: Each runner covers around 1,000 miles
– Cultural differences: Adapting to local customs and languages
– Team dynamics: Building trust and camaraderie among team members


– Landmarks: Passing iconic sites like the Great Wall of China
– Cultural experiences: Immersing in diverse traditions and cuisines
– Community engagement: Interacting with locals in different countries
– Personal growth: Overcoming physical and mental challenges
– Team achievements: Celebrating milestones and victories together


– Global awareness: Drawing attention to clean water issues
Fundraising: Reaching donation goals for charity projects
– Social media: Sharing the journey and inspiring followers
– Legacy: Leaving a lasting impact on the communities visited
– Participant testimonials: Sharing experiences and lessons learned

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