Ash Dykes’ Extreme Adventures: Mongolia to Yangtze – Podcast Ep 1

Ash Dykes Podcast


In this podcast conversation, Chris Watson sits down with extreme adventurer Ash Dykes to discuss his world first expeditions in Mongolia, Madagascar and the Yangtze River.

He shares his early life and athletic background, as well as his desire for adventure and self-discovery. Ash talks about his training in Muay Thai and survival skills with Burmese hill tribes.

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He details the challenges and preparation for his Mongolia mission, including encounters with wolves and survival in the Gobi Desert. Ash also discusses his inspiration for the Madagascar mission and his partnership with conservation organizations. In this conversation,

Ash Dykes discusses his expeditions in Madagascar and China, highlighting the challenges he faced and the importance of raising awareness for charities and causes.

He shares his near-death experiences with the bubonic plague and malaria, emphasizing the need for proper preparation and mental fortitude. Ash also talks about the reception and support he received from locals during his expeditions and his plans for future adventures.

Ash encourages listeners to explore local outdoor activities and supports Malaria No More UK as a worthy cause.

Episode Takeaways

  • Ash Dykes is an extreme adventurer known for his world first expeditions in Mongolia and Madagascar.
  • He was inspired to explore Mongolia after realizing it was an overlooked destination and a potential world first.
  • Ash’s journey in Mongolia was mentally and physically challenging, with encounters with wolves and survival in the Gobi Desert.
  • In Madagascar, Ash aimed to walk the entire length of the country and partnered with conservation organizations to raise awareness. Raising awareness for charities and causes is an important aspect of Ash Dykes’ expeditions.
  • Proper preparation and mental fortitude are crucial in overcoming challenges and near-death experiences.
  • Receiving support from locals and giving back to communities are rewarding aspects of expeditions.
  • Exploring local outdoor activities can provide adventure and personal growth.

Call To Adventure

You can all have your own adventure. I think people sort of overanalyze and over plan and always think that they need to be abroad, but they don’t realize it’s on your doorstep.

I’m breaking it back down to my beginnings. All of my adventures were done. on my doorstep, you can do hiking, you can do cycling, canoeing, kayaking, mountain trekking, you know, that it’s all there.

One that I did was charity challenge, where you can actually take a trip abroad, tick off a huge bucket list, trek, mountains, great water, but also whilst raising funds for charity.

Or just doing it as a personal goal to help with growth, help with mindset and just enjoy the experience.

Pay It Forward

I think it would be for Malaria No More UK.

I Think they’re really doing everything that they can volunteering all their time for free to To help fight this battle against malaria.

You know, the world saw COVID-19. COVID has absolutely nothing on malaria. Malaria is a different beast, but we don’t have it here in the UK.

So out of sight is out of mind. But in Africa, in these other regions, they really are suffering. And I think it’s every two minutes a child dies of malaria.

And in order to recover, the medication is the cup of a coffee.
But they don’t have that money. They can’t afford a cup of coffee. So therefore they lose their life because of it.

And so yeah, I would definitely say malaria no more UK because they have eradicated malaria from many countries and they’re winning the battle but they just need that extra help, that extra support.

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