Yukon River Quest

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– Route:
– Race distance: 715km / 444 miles on Yukon River
– Checkpoints: 6 checkpoints along the route
– Mandatory stops: 2 stops, 7 hours in Carmacks, 3 hours in Coffee Creek

– History:
– Inception: Created in 1999 by Whitehorse canoeists
– Evolution: Now a world-class international event
– Host: Organized by Yukon River Marathon Paddlers Association
– 2016 Race: 18th edition with teams from 14 countries
– Winners: Team #57 Perfect Storm won in 46 hours 14 minutes and 56 seconds

– Rules:
– Time limit: Race must be completed in under 85 hours
– Equipment: Basic survival gear required
– Tracking: Each team must have a SPOT device
– Updates: Official race rules are revised annually

– References:
– Sources: Yukonriverquest.com and Rapidmedia.com
– Business Impact: Paddlers and support teams boost Whitehorse’s summer economy
– Record: Fastest time set by Team Kisseynew in 2008
– Documentation: Rules available on Yukonriverquest.com
– Categories: Kayaking and canoe marathon

– Yukon River Quest:
– Annual event: Held on Yukon River
– Participants: Teams from around the world compete
– Records: Various records set during the race
– Website: Information available on yukonriverquest.com
– Importance: Significant event for paddling community

Yukon River Quest (Wikipedia)

The Yukon River Quest is the world's longest annual canoe and kayak race. The Yukon River Quest's stated mission is, "To challenge paddlers in a world class wilderness event – a race to the midnight sun." The race takes place in late June / early July.

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