The Running Charity

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10 years of transforming lives through running:
Running has positively impacted mental health and long-term outcomes for young people experiencing homelessness and complex needs.
– Coaches have utilized running for the past decade to support youth.
– The charity has been transforming lives through running for 10 years.
– Positive power of running has been remarkable.
Running has been a key tool in supporting young people in need.

A unique support system with running at its heart:
– The charity combines running with skilled youth work and community services.
– It is the only charity to offer wrap-around support leading to inspiring success stories.
Running is at the core of the charity’s support system.
– Skilled youth work and community services complement the running program.
– The unique support system has been effective in helping young people.

Meaningful Miles:
– Run for charity and help young people in need.
– Earn medals by participating in virtual running events.
– Charity encourages participants to run meaningful miles.
– Virtual running events contribute to supporting young people.
– Charity’s running events aim to make a difference in the community.

Together, we can make real change:
– The charity addresses youth homelessness and associated issues.
– Hundreds of young people have been helped to get back on their feet.
– Building nurturing relationships is a key aspect of the charity’s work.
– Real change is possible through collective efforts.
– Working on UK streets, the charity understands the challenges faced by homeless youth.

Latest News:
– Stay updated with the charity’s latest news.
– Access information on recent events and achievements.
– View all news related to the charity’s activities.
– The charity regularly updates its community with news.
– Stay informed about the charity’s ongoing projects and initiatives.

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