Sponsor (commercial)

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**Sponsorship Overview**
– Definition: Sponsorship is a cash/in-kind fee paid to a property for commercial potential, aiming for a commercial return.
– Benefits: Increases awareness, brand building, and propensity to purchase.
– Comparison: Differs from philanthropy and advertising; requires support elements for effectiveness.

**Sponsorship Theories**
– Impact: Psychological and communications theories explain how sponsorship affects consumer audiences.
– Linkage: Brand and event become linked in memory through sponsorship.
– Match Importance: Logical match between sponsor and sponsoree is crucial for best effects.
– Brand Benefit: Brands without a logical match can still benefit if they articulate a rationale for sponsorship.

**Sponsorship Categories and Principles**
– Categories: Series sponsor, title sponsor, general sponsor, team sponsor, official sponsor.
– Principles: Based on contractual obligations, maintaining good faith, setting clear terms, recognizing sponsorship as such.

**Sponsorship Sales and Activation**
– Sales Process: Researching prospects, creating tailored proposals, negotiating benefits/price.
– Time Investment: Sellers spend 1-5 hours researching each potential prospect.
– Activation: Using collateral marketing communications to exploit the commercial potential of sponsorship.
– Importance: Leveraging and activation are key aspects of maximizing sponsorship benefits.

**Sponsorship Markets and Marketing**
– Examples: Slazenger sponsoring Wimbledon since 1902; Manchester United PLC reaching agreement with Adidas.
– Spending: IEG projects global sponsorship spending to reach $65.8 billion in 2018.
– Regions: Europe had the largest sponsorship spending in 2014 at €26.44 million; North America had $24.2 billion in 2018.
– Related Concepts: Advertising, donation, cause marketing, sports marketing, naming rights, ambush marketing.

Sponsoring something (or someone) is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services. The individual or group that provides the support, similar to a benefactor, is known as the sponsor.

Corporate logos showing NASCAR team sponsors
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