River trekking

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– **Destinations for River Trekking in Different Countries:**
– Japan and Taiwan are popular destinations for river trekking.
– In Japan, 百名谷 lists the most famous 100 mountain streams.
– Taiwan, known for river tracing (溯溪), has popular areas like Hualien and Yilan.
– Philippines is gaining popularity for river trekking, with Mapawa Nature Park offering challenges.
– South Africa has a similar activity called kloofing, attracting both recreational and commercial interest.

– **Rating System for River Trekking Difficulties:**
– Experienced trekkers use a 1 to 5-star rating system for river difficulty.
– Ratings are subjective and depend on personal experience.
– Hong Kong Adventurer offers a scale from “can be handled by normal healthy persons” to “very demanding in terms of strength and skill.”

– **Risks and Dangers in River Trekking:**
– Risks include falls, drownings, exhaustion, and getting lost.
– Flash flooding poses a serious danger with sudden weather changes.
– Limited visibility due to rain or mist requires a head-mounted torch.
– Rock-climbing skills are needed for steep cliffs, with wet and loose rocks being common.
– Professional river-trekking boots are recommended for wet conditions.

– **Related Activities and Concepts:**
Canyoning, hiking, and kloofing are related to river trekking.
– Exploring the geography of Hong Kong and its country parks is relevant.
– Understanding the environment of Hong Kong is important for river trekking enthusiasts.

– **References and External Links:**
– “Ohio River Trekking on a Small Budget” offers insights into river trekking adventures.
– Hong Kong Adventurer provides resources on hiking and river trekking.
– Additional information can be found by visiting the respective websites.

River trekking (Wikipedia)

River climbing, river trekking, river tracing or mountain stream climbing is a form of hiking or outdoor adventure activity, a traditional sport in Japan and popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and, in some ways, similar to canyoning or canyoneering. River trekking is a combination of trekking and climbing and sometimes swimming along the river. It involves particular techniques like rock climbing, climbing on wet surfaces, understanding the geographical features of river and valleys, knotting, dealing with sudden bad weather and finding out possible exits from the river.

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